20th December 1943

Imagine leaving home at Christmas with nowhere to go.
Yesterday back in 1943 three thousand people on the Devon coast had to leave their homes, their farms, their businesses, their lives – just pack up and go, and without knowing why.
Have you read it?
This book is beautiful. You can’t stop reading even though you don’t want it to end. I understood and cared about these people, families who reacted to a true historical event. I wanted to know what happened next. A jewel!
Actress June Brown – Dot Cotton in East Enders
Superb on so many levels… I couldn’t put it down. I can see the landscape, feel its texture, smell it. And I can see twelve year old Harry, and all those villagers and their struggles. It’s powerful. I found myself close to tears when I read it and smiling too. A wonderful book!
Michelle Magorian, author of ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’