Reviews for HOLD TIGHT

Hold Tight is unputdownable! It is like a novel and a screenplay rolled into one. could see the depressing, run down areas around Southampton and I desperately wanted WPC Velalley to find Angie. I could feel the pain of the young mother and I was nauseated by the locust-like journalists. I was drawn into Velalley’s exhausting juggling of career, marriage and child care, and felt the frustration of the police when they appeared to be getting no where…
It had me on the reading equivalent of being on the edge of my seat. It is so good. I wish there was a TV Company who could adapt it. Fantastic!
Michelle Magorian Author of Goodnight Mr Tom

Just finished the new book – what a cracker! I couldn’t put it down. Beautifully crafted and really perceptive descriptions. DM Sydney Australia

ISBN 978-0-9535123-3-1
Original Paperback GB £8.99
Published by Wight Diamond Press 26th March 2015
Available through all good bookshops – worldwide

Kindle edition UK
Kindle edition US 


A missing child somewhere out there in the dark…

From the author of The Kid on Slapton Beach

by Felicity Fair Thompson

Published by
ISBN 9780953512331
Publication 26th March – Pre-order on Amazon and The Book Depository
Available to order at your local book shop

A missing child somewhere out there in the dark… no mother should have to wait alone. And what if…

In a race against time WPC Jane Velalley must use all her energy and wits and still hold tight to everything she loves and values most herself.
Child Protection – it’s a tough job. Could you do it?